3 Month Fitness/Diet Plan


3 Month Fitness/Diet Plan


I had a professional nutritionist/fitness instructor put together a 3 month, intensive diet and fitness program specific to my goals and my body type, age, fitness level and weight. (Find my stats below) This plan comes with my 3 month menu, what to eat all throughout the day, every 2-3 hours, for three months. It tells you what work outs to do, five days a week for three months.

I completed this three month regiment and I feel absolutely great after. It helped me tone, clear out my system and get in overall better shape. Being fit is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your friends, your loved ones and even your kids. Please consult a doctor before starting this three month program to make sure it is appropriate for you personally.

The stats the plan was built around:
Height: 5’9
Weight 129-132
Age: 24
Fitness Level: Fair – newbie

❤ You will be emailed the 3 month plan when your order comes through to me! It might take me a bit if I’m not near my computer, thanks for your patience.

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